On February 23, 2022 the Wednesay Arlington Co. DBC game will reconvene at 10:30 AM . This is a game for vaccinated players only. Proof of vaccination will be required.
Wednesday 2/23 10:30 AM Club Championship Open Game

Workshops & Seminars

Fine Tune your Bridge Game

Fine tune your bridge game for the upcoming summer regional in Reston. Summer is a time for travel but certainly the Reston regional is one of the highlighted events you won’t want to miss this summer.

Now you can take advantage of our bridge seminars and workshops on individual topics.

Email Gene to schedule your workshop or seminar today!

Location Your Home
Days Weekdays or Weekends
Times Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings
Seminars: One - 2 hour session
2 Day Workshops: One 2 hour session each day
# Players 4 to 8 people
Fees Seminars: $25 per person / $100 a table
2 Day Workshops: $50 per person / $200 a table

Boards, handouts and detailed illustration of concepts using cards on the table approach with pre dealt hands to illustrate the concepts. Tables supplied, if needed

One 2 hour session each day
$50 per person / $200 a table

All Things Stayman
Regular Stayman, cue bid Stayman, puppet Stayman and garbage Stayman , Stayman in competition will be discussed over the course of this 2 session workshop.

Jacoby Transfers versus Texas transfer
In this course we will go over all elements of Jacoby and Texas transfers and their extensions and Jacoby and Texas transfers in competitive auctions.

Cue Bids - The Most Effective Bids at the Right Time in an Auction
The use of the cue bid as a limit raise in completion, use of a cue bid to show a strong hand, cue bidding to show a Stayman hand, western cue bids in a no trump type hand will be discussed in this session.

Competitive Bidding to Communicate Your Values
In this 2 session set we will discuss using looks akin to the law of total tricks, maximal doubles versus the competitive bid of the agreed suit will be discussed.

Profiting From Preempts
In this session we will discuss the use of the preempt as it relates to the law of total tricks with partner’s response to the preempt. We will discuss how to overcome the preemptive bid of your partner with a strong hand . The benefit of the weak jump overcall bid and its meaning in a variety of competitive auctions.

Negative Doubles and Variations
In this session we will discuss the 6, 8, 10, 12 rule for negative doubles. We will discuss the 2 suits implied by the negative double. Waiting to show your negative double… What it means as the opponent of the opener and responder when making a negative double. A one suit weak hand (up to 9 total points) how to use the negative double to profit with this bid.

One 2 hour session
$25 per person / $100 a table

Choose your own seminar topic, I provide a one session workshops on any topic on the convention card topics such as:

  • 2 Club Bid and its Extensions – controls responses
  • Step response and the waiting bid as responder
  • Smolen after 1NT and 2NT Opener
  • Gambling 3NT Opening Bid
  • Use of Reverse Drury and Mathe by a 3rd or 4th seat opener and subsequent bidding
  • Balancing
  • Competing Over No Trump as the Overcaller
  • Card Type Techniques – 10 or 9 2 or none
  • Smith Echoes Defensive Signaling Method
  • Upside Down Count and Attitude System of Carding
  • Standard Method of Carding
  • Odd-even Discard Signaling
  • And many more could be your 1 session source

Email Gene to schedule your workshop or seminar today!

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