On February 23, 2022 the Wednesay Arlington Co. DBC game will reconvene at 10:30 AM . This is a game for vaccinated players only. Proof of vaccination will be required.
Wednesday 2/23 10:30 AM Club Championship Open Game

Recommended Reading

This section does not include all the books that have been put out that you may find invaluable throughout your bridge career but some of the special ones that I have found very helpful. I will be adding to this over time.

Action for the Defense

Wei and Anderson

Want to learn about how to enter the auction after the opening bid…. This is a good recommended book for competitive overcalling. 

Planning in No Trump Contracts

David Bird & Tim Bourke

Offers the fundamentals needed to play hands in suit contracts and no trump.

Planning in Suit Contracts

David Bird & Tim Bourke

Offers the fundamentals needed to play hands in suit contracts and no trump.

25 Ways to Take More Tricks

Barbara Seagram & David Bird

Very organized approach to play of the hand by David Bird

25 Ways to Become a Better Defender

In the vein of the 25 Ways series this is another building block to polish your defense.

Cappelletti Over No trump

by Mike Cappelletti

Learn from the master how to interfere as an overcaller against the No trump opening bids.

Bridge Basics 2 – Competitive Bidding

Audrey Grant

Not only is competitive bidding broken down but Audrey gives illustration hands and methodical approaches to learning how to compete at the bridge table.

2 over 1 Game Force

Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell

A new book on the 2 over 1  bidding style/system with emphasis on the basic 2 over 1 bids and breakdown of the extended responses when partner opts to bid 1NT over the 1 of a major bid.

Improving Your Judgement: Doubles

Audrey Grant

Much like her other books, Audrey breaks down the various types of doubles and responses to the basic double leading to the final contract.

Max Hardy

2 Over 1 Game Force

Learn from the master of this system. Almost every intricate bid you could make in this system is covered in this comprehensive developer of the entire system.

Modern Bridge Defense

Eddie Kantar

The update to his original look at the comprehensive elements of defense that includes signaling, communication, leading, continuations, analysis of bidding, and decisions on declarer’s hand pattern and points. Interactive CD-ROM Edition

Advanced Bridge Defense

Edwin Kantar

More intricate information on defense, a must with Modern Bridge Defense to get a comprehensive picture. Useful throughout the life of the enjoyment of your pastime of bridge.

Complete Book on Balancing

Mike Lawrence

Mike will give you a winning look on how to come into the bdding and get out of the bidding through his bidding styles.

Complete Book of Overcalls

Mike Lawrence

This book in conjunction wth balancing is a must.

Easy Guide to Defensive Signals

Julian Pottage

How to signal in all seats and in continuation and opening play of cards. A must for the beginner and intermediate player.

25 Steps to Learning 2 over 1

Paul Thurston

A very systematic breakdown to using the 2 over 1 system.

Play of the Hand

Louis Watson

The classic on play of the hand . Each chapter goes from simple play concepts to the most complex concepts….this is a dictionary of play concepts for your entire “bridge life.”

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